AC Schafer

When AC Schafer was in fifth grade, she developed the unsociable habit of scribbling bits of stories on any handy piece of paper, which led to an obsession with notebooks and purses that fit said notebooks. Many of those notes turned out to be literal rubbish, but practice, as they say, makes perfect—or begins the process, in any case.

She admires the works of C.S. Lewis, Brandon Sanderson, Jasper Fforde, and Terry Pratchett among many others. Aside from struggling with characters that have tangled the plot lines in her head, she has the privilege of being a sister, aunt, nurse, and world-traveler. Aimée currently lives in Southern Arizona, where the sky is nearly always blue and the ground is not.

AC's first novel, The Wraith and the Wielder, is available in the RADstore!

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