Think Publishing

46 degrees on the third coast this morning, and my need for a shaver is becoming eminent. A sweater shaver that is. Time to push all the beachy cover ups to the back of the closet and drag out the yarny items. Just one more thing I never had to do in the high desert where one more layer gets a girl through to spring and shorts can and are worn until Thanksgiving.

This will be my final guest blog for a bit as the amazing Rani will return from her sojourn to the page next week I believe. I’ve thought all week about what I might share but unfortunately I’ve forgotten all the good ideas so you get the leavin’s. The subject is close to my heart though, so hopefully it will be like crispy bacon bits you must savor leavin’s and not that last bit of mushy tepid cereal in a bowl leavin’s.

My bacon bit for you is this: PUBLISH YER STUFF. Yes, it’s easier said than done. Yes your internal editor is laughing so loud it may be audible outside your brain pan. Yes, that whole “I write for myself” fluff is simply fluff. We don’t create for ourselves. We create for others because it is our interaction, our sharing of our gift with others that truly feeds us. If you only write for self, eventually no one will read your work. Not even you and that gift will drift away like cottonwood on a lazy bosque afternoon.

So how, you ask? How does one pursue publication? Well, depends on what your genre is. For every type and genre there is an exhaustive list of publication opportunities.

·        If you’re a Facebook aficionado – find a group or a literary house page (there are a plethora)

·        Do a Google search.

·        Go to a brick and mortar store and check out writers directories. ( I own more than one.)

·        Consider writing a letter to your newspaper editor or on line news source entity.

·        Set up a wordpress (or blogger or any number of related sites) account and try your hand at blogging. It’s a great way to gain readership and a bit of feedback.

·        Network network network. Writers know stuff and many will share opportunities they’ve found to publish.

A few caveats of course:

·        Start small. If you’re an unpublished novelist and you’ve dove in with both feet and are considering jumping on the Createspace space because you MUST be in print – hold that thought. There are small presses who may bite on your well written, researched novel with its specific target audience and your brilliant marketing plan (oops… are you missing some of these things?) try sending an excerpt of your work to a magazine or better yet, send a short story. It’s a competitive market out there and you need to build a resume. Don’t be discouraged. Just write and edit and write and submit and write some more.

·        Don’t pay to publish. Contests are wonderful ways to get your work out there but if  the fee to enter is more than twenty dollars – forget it. Lots of contests are free and the good ones are always reasonable. Don’t get sucked into anthologies where you have to spend a hundred bucks on a book either.

·        Edit edit edit.

·        Network network network. Writers know stuff and many will share knowledge of how to do the legwork of publishing.

So there you have it. I said it was a tidbit. I hope you’ll do some independent study on the subject. And if you do have a poem or story you think might be ready – I happen to know of a publishing opportunity: (see how I did that?)


Tammy Boehm