Today, I sat down to write a blog post, and I found that I have nothing to say. It’s one of those days where I know there are words in my head, but none of them are really forming into a cohesive thought or becoming something worthy of posting in a blog. But for today, I think that’s what makes them worthy of posting.

We, as writers and editors, as creatives in general, need to remember that somedays we just aren’t feeling it—and that it’s okay to have those days.

People say that writers write every day, but in my experience, if I write every day I burn out in about a week and have to take a few days off. There’s nothing wrong with taking time for yourself, with taking a break from creativity to do some real world stuff. Go grocery shopping, buy some new clothes, take the dog on a walk, take up cooking, sit down and binge watch the last six seasons of whatever show you’re most into. It’s okay to do that. Nobody in their right mind should blame you for that.

There’s a time for work and a time for play.

Somehow, a lot of creatives tend to forget that. We think that we’re creative so we must be able to create at all times, but that’s not how it works.

Yeah, we can create a lot. Yeah, we have a lot of ideas and a lot of things that we want to do, to try, but that doesn’t mean we do all of them at once. It doesn’t mean we writers should spend eight hours a day, every day, writing. Most of us couldn’t even spend eight hours of a single day writing. And that’s okay too.

The thing to remember is that as creatives, we should be creating. But creating doesn’t have to be the only thing we do, nor should it be. And it doesn’t have to take time away from your life, from the fun things you want to do, from spending time with your family and friends. It should be something that makes you happy, not a job that drags you through the mud.

So, on days like today, when I can’t find a single word to say, I won’t.

Be inspired to do nothing for a little while, if only to recharge your creative juices. I find that that’s the time I’m most likely to get that groundbreaking idea that will push my story from cool to downright awesome.

How about you?

{Rani Divine}