One Month

Hi all! Rani here today, to talk to you a bit about the time of year we're facing. 

The holidays have begun, my friends! And you know what that means?

Yeah. It means we don’t get anything done, and instead rush to get all our holiday prep done. Oy. I swear November and December are the busiest months of the year, which means creativity often goes straight out the window.

And that’s a problem.

The holidays are a time when we should be nurturing things like creativity, not a time when it should be pushed to the backburner to make room for other things. It’s a time when we should be doing things to make sure we’re still creating, doing things to keep ourselves from losing that creative spark that so many of us pick up from NaNoWriMo.

And me being me, and this being the RAD Blog, you probably know what I’m going to say.

There’s just a little over a month left before the Mavguard submissions window closes.

That’s not a lot of time.

And in a month when we tend to lose the will for creativity, that’s even less time.

If I’m being honest, even I haven’t submitted yet. But I already have my short story written, and I’ll be submitting in a couple of days.

Thing is, there’s a lot that goes into submitting, isn’t there? We have to pick out what we want to submit, then edit it and make sure it’s actually what we want to submit, and then we have to actually get on the computer and do it. Oh my freaking goodness. I swear, that last one is the hardest part.

So we have to find the time to do it. We do. A lot of submissions windows are closing at the end of the year, which means a lot of opportunities are closing in just over a month.

I’m not saying that Mavguard should be the only place where you submit. In reality, it shouldn’t. You should be submitting to a bunch of different places, to expand your chances of getting published. You really should.

Again, that means you have just over a month to submit your work.


I know you can do this. I believe it. We all can. And we all should.

Because we’re creators, and our point in creating is for the world to see our work. It makes a difference. And magazines like Mavguard are here for you.

It’s time to #GetPublished.

{Rani Divine}