I’m baaaaaaack! Rani Divine here to talk about poetry.

Yeah, that sounds weird coming from me. I’m not a poet, by any means. But I have friends who are! And I do like to read good poetry, and I know good poetry when I read it. And I’m the main editor of Mavguard, so at the very least I know what I’m looking for in poetry submissions. You can trust me on this. 

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what we like to publish by way of poetry, and I really don’t have a lot I can tell you... because basically, the sky's the limit. 

We only have a few rules when it comes to poetry:

1.      Nothing over 3,000 words

2.      Nothing sexually explicit

3.      Nothing excessively vulgar

That’s it. Easy peasy. What you write probably fits the bill. Seriously. I know a lot of amateur poets who write some really great stuff. You don’t have to have a big name to write beautifully, and you don’t have to have a big name to get published.

I’d really like to see a lot more poetry in Mavguard’s next edition. Sure, we get some in there every time, but I want more. I want more works from more of you.

Honestly, you know what I’d like to see? I’d like to see some of us who don’t consider ourselves poets, to get out there and see what we can make. You never know, it might be fun.

And I’d like to see serious poets stop posting their poems on Facebook and start submitting them for publication, start trying to really get their work out there and have something to show for the time they’ve spent on their poetry.

That’s what I’d like to see.

I want to see you, the poets, published.

Each and every one of you, whether you’re a free verse writer or avid rhymer, I want to see your work submitted, and I want to publish a lot of it. Yeah, a lot of it. If not all of it.

I’m serious, guys.

Poets, send your work in. I’m craving some poetry, and I know you have it in you.

Head to www.MavguardMagazine.com NOW to submit your work!

{Rani Divine}