Now that you know what I’m looking for by way of short stories and poetry, I have one more submission type to discuss with you. It’s the one I always tackle last, and I’m really not sure why. It’s actually one of my favorites to publish, because of the huge variance within it and the vast quantity of submissions we like to see in this area.

Obviously, or maybe not so obviously if you haven’t been paying attention, I’m talking about…


By the law of the submissions page, we accept pretty much everything when it comes to art. The only things we’re not fond of are sexuality and vulgarity. Think of the children!

Here’s what we accept though, in a nutshell:

Visual Art
Graphic Design

All of it. I like all of it. I want to publish all of it. If you call it art, I want to see it. Hey, we’ve even published melted crayon art. That gives you an idea of how open we are.

We’ve published a lot of abstracts, some really beautiful computer generated art, gorgeous watercolors, splendid drawings, and a mass of wonderfully composed photography.

Of course, the adjectives I’ve used might dismay you. You might be thinking that your work can’t possibly match up to those things. But here’s what you’re not considering: every artist thinks, at some point, that the work they do is not up to snuff. They do. We all do. Even me. But a lot of that work that you’ve done is beautiful! Think of Van Gogh. He thought his work would never amount to anything. He died thinking that. And look where his work is now. But you don’t have to wait until you’re dead for someone to discover your art. In fact, you really shouldn’t.

I want to get you published.

It means you have to submit something though. You have to get off your butt and send something in. And I really hope that you will.

My favorite thing in the world to do is publish people who’ve never been published before. Why? Because it’s an awesome thing to do! I remember when I first got published. The feeling was amazing, unlike any other. I like being the one to make people feel like that.

But you have to meet me halfway, here.

Artists, send something in. Please.

You can’t get published if you don’t. And you know you want to be published.

{Rani Divine}