The time has come folks. Our editors are at the ready, prepared to start looking over your submissions and deciding what will and will not be published in Mavguard Magazine Edition V.

But time isn’t up yet.

Today’s the 30th, and you still have one day left to get your work submitted.

Whether you’re an artist, a poet, or an author, there’s still time for you to get your submissions in, to have a chance at publication.

The window closes at midnight MST tomorrow night. To finish out 2016, how about sending something in for publication? Why not close out this year with something awesome, something that’ll be super exciting for 2017?


We want to see your poetry.

Your short stories.

Your graphic design.

Your paintings.

Your drawings.

Your screenplays, sketches, and sonnets.


We’ll keep the light on until the very last minute, and I sincerely hope you’ll send something in. I’m personally assisting with submissions, and I can’t wait to see everything you send us!

With everything going on in the world around us, it’d be nice for something cool to happen. 2016 was rough for a lot of us, so how about we start 2017 with getting published? Your odds are good—I’ll tell you that right now. Know why? Because we’re more than willing to sit down and work with you to make your piece perfect, if it isn’t already. But for a long of you, it’s already pretty dang good.

So send in your submissions.

Do it. Head over to now, send something in, and wait. It won't be long before we're done reading. If you get impatient in the process, email us. We’ll talk you through it all, every step of the way.

That’s my promise to you.

So go on. Send something in.

What do you have to lose?

Senior Editor