Short Stories

Good afternoon, everyone! Rani here, to talk about (you guessed it) Mavguard Magazine! It’s that time of year again, the part of the year when I take over the RAD Blog to talk to you about the magazine and everything I’m hoping to see submitted in the next few weeks.

Remember, the submissions window is only open until the 31st of this month, so your time is limited. If you’re planning on submitting something, now’s your chance! Once we get closer to the holidays, life gets busier than we want to admit. You know it. So get your work submitted now, while you’re still in the calm before the storm.

Today, I’m focusing on short stories.

We get a lot of questions about what sort of short stories we accept as submissions, and I usually tell people that they should read our submissions page on our website… but who really wants to do that? You just want to hop on, send in your submission, and be done with it. I know you. We’re the same, you and me.

So here’s what we’re looking for:

Stories under 5,500 words
Almost any genre (we don’t accept the erotic or the grotesque)

How easy is that?

We publish a lot of flash fiction (mostly because that's the main thing that's been submitted thus far), so if that’s your thing, this is the place to come! I personally really enjoy flash fiction, though I’m not amazing at writing it. It’s one of the funnest things in the world to read. Yes, funnest. I made a word.

But it’s not just flash fiction that we publish. Several of my short stories have been published, and all of them are slightly longer, closer to the cut-off point. See, that’s my favorite type of short story to write… but not always my favorite to read.

I like both. We like both. We really want to publish both.

Maybe that seems strange to you, but that’s really what we’re about. We don’t want to focus on just one type of story, one genre, one length. We want to publish stories of every length and every genre, because that’s the best representation of short story writers as a whole. We don’t fit into a box, we don’t conform to the world’s pattern of us. We’re our own people, with our own ideas and our own stories…

And that’s what I want to publish in Mavguard.

We even have some serial works going on, so if you write really long short stories, there's still an opportunity for you. Both Ari-El and Fare Well are serials, whose story spreads beyond a single edition of the magazine. 

So even if you don’t think you’re very good, even if you don’t think you could ever be published, I urge you to try it. Test the waters. I’m the one who sends out most of the submissions responses, and I promise, I don’t bite.

Remember, less than a month to get your pieces in!

{Rani Divine}

P.S. Drop a comment if you have any questions!