It's a Process

We had a lot of questions at the last Page 1 Bookstore author fair about how to submit to RAD Writing, what sort of things we’re looking for, and how long it takes to get through the submissions process, so I stole this opportunity to tell you guys a little more about what we do here at RAD.

As you well know, we don’t do things the “normal” way. That’s my doing. I watched the people around me trying to get published, struggling to work with the system and get their work out in the world, and struggle to make any headway. The trouble is, the system is broken.

Publishers generally want to publish people who have been published before. So if you’ve been published, then you have a leg up on everyone else. Publishers and agents are more likely to answer your calls and emails. The world is your oyster, in some cases. But how does anyone go about getting published when publishers only want to read work from published authors, and agents won’t return the calls of the unpublished? It’s a catch-22 that every author battles against at some point in their career.

That’s where RAD Writing came in.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs, and when I realized this failing within the publishing industry, I decided to try to fill the void—and RAD Writing was born.

Unlike the majority of traditional publishers, we want to work with unpublished authors.

We’re looking for people who haven’t been published, people who’ve worked with self-publishing companies and discovered just how annoying it can be to work within that system, and we’re publishing them the traditional way.

That means we’re not a print on demand company, nor are we a self-publisher. When we publish your work, we print a large number of copies and sell them across the states via our online store and local events (local to our authors and to our home base), and when you sign your work over to us, we handle all of the big stuff like marketing and branding, as well as sales.

So when you submit to RAD Writing, know that you’re submitting to a real publishing house. We may be small, but our vision is grand and we’re growing with every passing day.

If you have questions about the specific things that we publish, I’d generally send you to our submissions page. There, you’ll get some pretty basic information about what we do and what we’re looking for, but the truth is this:

As long as you’re a writer who is passionate about writing, we want to read your work—and I know there are a lot of you out there.

When it comes to our process, it’s actually simpler than you might think. Unlike many publishing houses, we let you know when we start reading your submission. As soon as we receive your submission, it goes into one of our editor’s queues. They’ll then let you know that they’ve received it, and give you an estimate on when they’ll start reading. As soon as they start, they’ll send you another notice and keep you posted along the way.

Once they’ve finished, they send their recommendation and review to the rest of the RAD editors. The rest of us skim the manuscript, study the information provided by our editor, and make a decision—at which point, one of two things happens.


1. We accept your submission

Your assigned editor will contact you via email to congratulate you, and make sure you’re still interested in contracting with us. When we receive your response, I will personally email you our proposed contract to begin negotiation. And yes, the whole process is a negotiation—just like it should be with nearly every contracting situation.

2. We reject your submission

Unfortunately, we cannot accept every submission. But if we reject your submission, your editor will contact you with a list of pointers to make your submission stronger. If you have any questions or would like a phone consultation with your editor at this point, we are happy to arrange it. We want to make sure you understand our rejection of your work, and our sole desire is to see you succeed.

Of course, we’re all pulling for you to get accepted.

When that happens, we’ll negotiate a contract and work together to reach terms that you’re comfortable with. After that, your manuscript goes through editing (with your assistance and approval at every step) before being sent to the copyediting department for final changes. We’ll consult with you on the creation, design, and text of your book’s cover as well as promotional text before publication. We'll even make sure you're happy with the release date, and that it's not in conflict with anything else on your schedule.


That’s all there is to it. Easy-peasy. And it all starts with you visiting our submissions page and sending us your work.

We’d love to hear from you.


Kristina Haider
Senior Editor