It's Rani's Birthday!

Mavguard and Rad Writing want to take a moment or several to wish Author, fashionista, and all round amazing gal Rani Divine many profound and lucrative Birthday wishes.

While many of her fans may know her from her highly creative and complex serial novels and thoughtful blog posts, we are privileged to know her as savvy business woman, mentor, encourager and confidant.

Whatever she does, whether it's delving into a foreign language, researching cumbersome contractual agreements, or developing a new character, Rani is fully vested in the endeavor.

If you’re in her circle of influence, she’s fully vested in you too.

Let’s face it, Rani is simply awesome and we at Rad Writing are honored to be a part of her realm.

So would you help us give Rani some Birthday love in the comment section?

Rad Writing thanks you.

Associate Editor

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