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Hey there!

Did you notice that we finally took the “under construction” blurb off the site? You cannot imagine how thrilled I was when that went away. The homepage has finally been updated and there’s new information added throughout the site, so definitely take a few minutes to look around and see what’s new around here. We’re always doing our best to change things up on here every few months, to keep you on your toes ;-)

For today, I want to talk to you once again about the new add-ons we have available in our store. It’s one of the things we’ve added this week (which led to the removal of that awful “under construction” line)—we’ve put the descriptions for every add-on item into the description for the books they’re available with. Makes things simpler, wouldn’t you say?


So, here’s a little something about our add-ons, plus a bit about our latest Mavguard release:


The Nine Worlds, by TL Boehm

This poetry book is centered around the nine worlds of Norse Mythology, with one poem focusing on each of these worlds. From Muspelheim to Asgard to Svartalfheim, this intense poetry book will immerse you in the mythos that is Norse Mythology.


Letters From Hell, by Rani Divine

Rani Divine’s first plunge into the horror genre, Letters From Hell is a collection of letters and journal entries from Jack the Ripper and the woman restoring what may have been Jack’s former home. If you’re looking for something a little more thrilling this Halloween season, you’ll want to give this story a try.


Mavguard Edition VI

Newly released from RAD, Mavguard Edition VI features “Cistern” (photography) by Kaysie, and “The Flowerman” (poem) by Tara Kay Johnson. With art, short stories, and amazing poetry from all over the world, Mavguard is a must have for your literary collection—and Edition VI is sure not to disappoint.


New lowered price: Mavguard Edition V

Now that Edition VI has released, we’ve lowered the price for the remaining stock of Edition V! There’s only a few left though, so be sure to order while it’s still available. Once they’re gone, we won’t ever print more.


But, I’m sure you’re wondering what add-ons go with what books. For your ease and perusal, here’s a short list of what we’re offering together:

The Wraith and the Wielder, by AC Schafer
Add The Nine Worlds by TL Boehm

Coetir: People of the Woods, by Rani Divine
Add Mavguard Edition V

Cedwig: People in the Vines, by Rani Divine
Add Letters From Hell, by Rani Divine

Dwr: People in the Water, by Rani Divine
Add The Nine Worlds, by TL Boehm

Last Chance Baby, by Ashley Gallegos
Add Mavguard Edition V


Add-ons only cost $5.00 each, which saves you up to $2.00 on every item. Oh, and stay tuned in the coming weeks if you’re only after the add-ons but want a better deal. We have something up our sleeves.

Don’t we always?


Rani Divine
Associate Editor, etc.