It's a Mystery

Have you checked out the new mystery boxes in our store?

They’re pretty cool, if you asked me—and they make a great gift, for the readers in your life.

Let’s take a closer look at them…


Need a little surprise this holiday season? Looking for a gift for someone, but not sure what to get? Why not an assortment of items from RAD, hand-picked by our authors and editors? Better yet, why not get it with free shipping?!

Each box contains a random assortment of items from your favorite small press! Plus, every box includes free gifts handpicked by our authors and editors—how cool is that? 


Hobbyist—$25 (only 20 available!)
Guaranteed at least two novels and one add-on item, plus a free gift from our staff!
A $45 value!

Obsessed—$50 (only 10 available!)
Guaranteed at least three novels, plus add-ons and free gifts, handpicked by our authors and editors!
An $80 value!

What are you waiting for? 


Basically, when you order a mystery box, the little elves at RAD Writing will get down to wrapping and preparing every item that goes into the bag. What goes in will vary from box to box, and no two boxes will ever be the same. That’s part of the fun of it!

Will your box contain The Wraith and the Wielder and Telekinetic? Or will it have Last Chance Baby and Cedwig? There’s only one way to find out—you’ll have to order a box for yourself (or someone you love).

Every single product available in the RAD Store is up for grabs, so here’s your chance to get your copies of RADs amazing books without breaking the bank.

After all, it’s a deal that won’t be around forever.

Check it out, while the offer lasts. There’s no telling when it might disappear.


Rani Divine
Associate Editor, etc.