Time to get read.

Myth: You have to be famous for people to read your work

Fact: All you need is a little help

Finding readers is probably the hardest part of being an author, after the book comes out. Sure, we have a network of friends who all support us and talk about how proud they are to know a published author, but do you know how many of them will actually read your book? The answer is, not very many. It’s sad, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

For a lot of authors out there, we struggle even to talk our friends into reading the books we’ve published. And why? Well, I don’t honestly know. But it becomes discouraging sometimes, because if even our friends won't read it, then how can we expect other people to? 

I’ll tell you right now, that even my best friend hasn’t read my books. Oh, she’s started them, but she hasn’t finished. And you know what? After your third book hits shelves, you really stop caring anymore.

Know why?

Because other people, people I don’t know, are reading it.

Yeah, people will tell you that you have to be a famous person for anyone to read your book, for anyone to even consider picking up this new title and reading it from start to end. But in this day and age, it’s actually not that uncommon for readers to pick up books by new authors, just to see if they’re any good.

There are ways to get around the myth, to get your work read by people you’ve never even heard of, and it’s the most fabulous feeling in the world.

I actually have a suggestion for you, if you’re an indie author with a book on the market.

You know those monthly subscription boxes, cratejoy and the like? Well there’s a new one, just sprung up a few weeks ago, and it’s growing fast. It’s designed for independent authors, those of us who maybe don’t have the biggest readership just yet, to get our books into the hands of people who wouldn’t normally even know we existed.

It’s also a great way to get your book into the hands of real readers, of people who will actually read your book from start to finish, and many of whom may just become your most avid followers. Because really, who’s going to sign up to get a bunch of books on a monthly basis, if they have no intention of reading them?


Indie Book Connect

They’re a subscription box for the reader who walks into Barnes and Noble and feels like they have read it all, for the reader who wants to try something by someone new. 

How cool is that?

Every month, they’ll introduce real readers to the world of independent authors and books they would never have heard of by only checking the usual big bookstores. Readers receive two books each month, by different authors.


And here’s the really cool part:

Those books, could be your books!


There's a lot more details I simply don't have the time or space to put in here, but I can point you in the right direction. 

Check out Indie Book Connect online, and get yourself involved!



{Rani Divine}

Disclaimer: Indie Book Connect is in no way affiliated with RAD Writing, and we’re not getting anything out of your support for them. We just think they’re really cool, and that you ought to check them out.