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Rani Divine's next novel opens for preorders. 

There is darkness thriving within the waters, fear mingling with the waves—a spirit that will not be easily quelled.

Why would humanity have need to enter the waters?

My people believed themselves released from their duty, the sacred calling of all Dewin, for this very thought. They were wrong.

A single ship is leaving the shores of the plains, setting out in search of a new home, and now my people must make their choice.
Will we keep ourselves hidden beneath the waves, or is it time that humanity learns of the people in the water?

I am called Arneia, witch of the Dŵr, and my decision has been made.


“Set sail with author Rani Divine to an otherworldly realm where winds whisper secrets and the water is alive. When witch and waif, mermaid and man meet who will ride the tide and who will succumb to the undertow? Rani's creative compass points true north in this fantastic third voyage in the Coetir series. Take the plunge. Meet the Dwr.” – Tammy Boehm


“Rani Divine's druid novels will captivate both your heart and mind in a way that you will never see coming. Be prepared to read from start to finish without ever setting the book down as you simply will not be able to. It is a personal favorite as both an avid reader and a fellow author. Bravo!" – Ashley Gallegos


“Dive deep into a druid realm, where the wrath of one fallen angel begins to rock the once mighty current of ancient tradition, and break the surface with the humans, seeking paths across the perilous sea and beyond the darkness within themselves.  Trust and Fear.  Rebellion and Love.  Let Rani Divine’s Dwr sweep you into a seafaring adventure, where two worlds collide and murder begins to stalk through the deep.” – MJ Neal, author of Dreamer


Preorders open tomorrow, April 1, right here at