A few weeks ago, I moved.

So did RAD Writing.

The week prior, I was prepping for the move.

The week after that, as many of you heard, my beloved grandmother went home to be with the Lord.

I’ve had family staying in a house full of boxes, artwork scattered on the floor of my room, items I usually use all the time somehow missing in the chaos of it all…

So… in the last month or so, I’ve written well under half the amount I normally would.

My brain is on overload, from lack of writing, from moving literally everything to different locations, only to be topped by the sudden passing of someone I love dearly. It’s not fun, let me tell you.

But you know what? It did give me an idea on what I should write about.

What to do when life throws you a curveball and you have no oomph to even think of words to write

Yeah, I haven’t got to spend much time on my writing in a while. Trouble is, I also haven’t really had a ton of ideas. And it’s not block. It’s exhaustion and overload. Tilt. No comprende. Done-zo. I’ve had almost no energy even to work out, which I usually do every day. My legs say no, they’d rather relax for a week. My fingers would prefer not to type anything for a few more days. And yet my brain tells me that if I don’t write, it’ll only get worse.

See, for me, I get cranky if I haven’t written. And it gets worse, if I spend more time away from writing. Writing is my release, the valve that lets all those emotions out and frees them from my body. It’s really great. Except in times like these.

So what’s my advice to you, when you’re stuck in the boat I’m in right now? (though I honestly hope none of you ever get in this particular boat… it’s not fun)

Write something anyway.

Doesn’t have to be in the thing your brain wants you to write in. It could be in a blog post, a diary, an email. Just write something, and let it be at least a little bit creative. Let your brain flow out only to the page for just five minutes. You’ll feel better when you’re done, since you’ll’ve let something out. What? Double contractions aren’t allowed? Who cares?

Just write something. Just be creative.

Force it, if you have to. It’ll help get your brain back in the right mode, back into the right frame of mind, and the next time you have time to sit down and write, you might actually want to. I’m blocking out some time for the day after tomorrow, just in case.

I have a good feeling about this. There’s a new novel on my horizon.

{Rani Divine}