The Wraith and the Wielder

In just a few days, on August 1, preorders open for AC Schafer’s debut novel, The Wraith and the Wielder.

But what is The Wraith and the Wielder, you ask?


Here're the details: 


Centuries ago, a fierce conflict known as the Dark Mountains War led to the prohibition of magic in De’eregal and the surrounding kingdoms of Izzat and Ureyana.

The penalty for transgression is death… but the tides are about to change.

In Izzat, having grown up in the shadow of the gallows, Merrith Gyse is keenly aware of the fate of wielders. He struggles just to put enough food on the table to keep himself and his twin brothers from starvation, but when a man from his past threatens to compromise his brothers’ safety, Merrith is forced to steal an important—and magical—relic from a traveling noble woman in order to buy the man’s silence…

In a village nestled within the Dark Mountains, the wraiths—creatures of shadow and innate magic—labor under the enslavement of a mercenary army led by a powerful sorcerer. Injured and exhausted in a skirmish, Da-jeck takes his only chance to escape. With his family still trapped, he sets out in search of someone to help him overthrow his cruel master…

Powerful sorcerers now fight to change the rule of power throughout the world, to enslave every mind under the banner of magic.

Who will stand in their way, but the wraith and the wielder?



We’re all SO excited to announce that AC Schafer’s The Wraith and the Wielder will be available for preorder starting August 1!

This debut novel is sure to knock your socks off. Check out what some of our authors and editors had to say about it:

A.C. Schafer is a master storyteller. Her characters beckon you into their world, where you will never want to leave. Buckle in and get ready for a journey you will never forget! – Ashley Gallegos, author of Last Chance Baby

“Schafer’s characters command true heart and compelling authenticity.  Enter their world, and prepare to be drawn into a story beautiful to the core with well-crafted soul.” – MJ Neal, author of Dreamer

“War rides upon the horizon and magic sparks at every turn, in this debut novel from AC Schafer. A must read, without a doubt.” – Rani Divine, author of Coetir, Cedwig, & Dwr & Editor at RAD Writing

“In a world where wielding magic may mean the difference between life and death… There are worse things than death to consider. The Wraith and the Wielder will transport you to a land where foe becomes advocate, where power moves in shadow, and where mystery and danger wait just over the horizon. Follow wielder Merrith Gyse and his unusual band of travelers as they face seemingly insurmountable odds in this fascinating tale filled with action, magic, suspense and surprise.” – Tammy Boehm, author of Bethany’s Crossing & Editor at RAD Writing


If you’re looking for an amazing new fantasy read, The Wraith and the Wielder is exactly what you need.

Rani Divine
Associate Editor, Etc. 


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