The Persona of a Writer

I’m a writer. If you didn’t know that, I’m not sure how you ended up on the RADblog. We’re all writers, here.

That being the case, I thought it’d be fun to do a really quick little overview of the persona of a writer. Why? Because for some reason, we all like to read lists of things that affirm we are who we think we are. I do it too, don’t worry.

So, what is the persona of a writer?


1.      They’re quiet and reserved

I’ve met very few writers who are outspoken and boisterous, but they are out there. So if this one doesn’t apply to you, don’t worry. It’s just that the vast majority of writers tend to do better at writing than they do at anything in the social realm. Many of us live through our characters, we get out of the house through the act of our characters going about their daily lives. We’re quiet, we’re introspective, and we’re more focused on details than other things.


2.      They’re always thinking

If this isn’t you, then you aren’t a writer. Trust me. Writers never stop thinking about their craft, about story and plot, about characters and new details that could be added into our stories. Seriously, it just never stops. Even when we’d rather not be thinking about anything in particular, we find ourselves deep in thought. So much so that we frequently miss the things going on around us—but the near constant wearing of headphones contributes to that as well.


3.      They’re frequently analyzing

Because we’re always thinking, we’re usually also analyzing. We see a person sitting on the side of the road, and we try to imagine how they got there. We see a man dressed in a blazer and tattered jeans, and we attempt to decipher how this outfit was put together. Everything could be an element of story, and we think of everything in terms of story. The world around us is our story, and we analyze it as such.


4.      They find new things fascinating

If we find out something new, we find that we just have to know more about it, right away. We go on researching binges once we find out some new tidbit of information, and we won’t stop until we know everything we can possibly know about it. These new things range all across the board, from new medical findings to discoveries made a thousand years ago, but they’re all just as interesting to us. Even the tiniest detail can make a big difference, in story.


5.      They have a thirst for knowledge

We want to know more about everything, which is what makes us very good listeners. If you’re looking for someone to talk to, go to a writer. We thirst for knowledge, for information, for understanding. Many of us write to develop ourselves in these things. We want to know everything we can about everything. So if you have something that you think we could learn, please, tell us! We’d be more than happy to listen to you.


6.      They understand life, better than most

Because we deal in the lives of so many people, because we’re not just one person with one mind but one person with a thousand minds of a thousand fictional characters, we know a lot about life. That doesn’t mean we’re very good at it, but we understand a lot more of its facets than many other people. For me personally, I find myself predicting what’s going to happen in my friend’s lives, based upon their current actions. I’m frequently right, and all because I’ve made such a study of people over the years that I know what they’re likely to do in any given situation.


But, like I said, that doesn’t make us any better at life, or any better at getting over our tendencies toward introvertedness.

Oh, well.


Rani Divine
Associate Editor, Etc.