I’m going to toot my own horn for a bit today. Mostly because if you haven’t read these books by now, you’re seriously missing out.



Beyond the boundary on the edge of town live the druids, the Coetir, a species so deadly that they threatened to destroy our very existence.
We have a law: don't cross the line that keeps humanity separated from the druids, on penalty of death.
I've never been good at following the rules.
My name is Ellya, and I'm the first person to cross the boundary since its creation.
What follows will change more than any of us could've possibly imagined.


RADrating: Yellow (themes of war and thrilling sequences)

Coetir was the first book I wrote in the Druid Novels, and it was written before I knew there was a whole world beyond the book. It’s a story of love and of finding your place in the world, a tale of belonging and of the power of fear, and it’s one that I honestly believe everyone can enjoy.

“Author Rani Divine has created a lush landscape of fascinating fiction in her epic fantasy Coetir. With each turn of the page, you will be transported to a world where the fantastic and the familiar collide, where myth and reality meld, and where one young woman holds the potential to change everything. Follow Ellya as she crosses the threshold and encounters the People of the Woods.” Tammy Boehm, Bethany’s Crossing & The Nine Worlds (2017)



What would you do, if the things that went bump in the night were suddenly as real to you as life itself?
My name is Freia, and I believe in phantoms.
A part of the expedition from the plains, my family and I have come to a land where no human has stepped in over a century.
But we are not alone.
This land is home to the druids, creatures of legend that wiped out all traces of humanity in the deserts, the hills, and even at sea—creatures that should not be real.
I hear their voices, in the night. I feel their eyes, watching me.
We are not alone.


RADrating: Yellow (mild frightening material, thrilling sequences, and themes of hostility)

Cedwig was the second book I wrote in the Druid Novels, and therefore the second to be released to the public. It was also at this time that I realized there was a whole series in this world, and that the series was so spread out that I could release the books in almost any order to achieve the same goal: an amazing united story about a world of lost people, looking to be found.

"Ancient hostility and lurking terror, fierce love and tentative trust.  Cedwig invites readers into the dense jungle of a realm that finds two separate cultures on the sharp edge of a struggle that will expose the root of a centuries-old fear with hope in the new.  But not everyone is so quick to embrace the results.  Divine's novel weds the peril of the unknown with the glory of love, and the story between will determine the fate of not one but two races." M.J. Neal, Dreamer



There is darkness thriving within the waters, fear mingling with the waves—a spirit that will not be easily quelled.
Why would humanity have need to enter the waters?
My people believed themselves released from their duty, the sacred calling of all Dewin, for this very thought.
They were wrong.
A single ship is leaving the shores of the plains, setting out in search of a new home, and now my people must make their choice.
Will we keep ourselves hidden beneath the waves, or is it time that humanity learns of the people in the water?
I am called Arneia, witch of the Dŵr, and my decision has been made.


RADrating: Orange (themes of war and ghosts, thrilling sequences, some mature content discussed)

I wrote Dŵr twice, technically. The first time began before Cedwig, on a completely different world, with completely different characters—and then I realized what was wrong. The Dŵr belonged in the world of druids, and so became the first and only addition to the series which takes place not on land, but at sea. Mermaids, y’all. Mermaids!


“Rani Divine's druid novels will captivate both your heart and mind in a way that you will never see coming. Be prepared to read from start to finish without ever setting the book down as you simply will not be able to. It is a personal favorite as both an avid reader and a fellow author. Bravo!" – Ashley Gallegos, Last Chance Baby


These are the Druid Novels. They’re my babies. I’ve spent years working on them, and I’ve even ensured that the whole series is done being written, so that none of you will have to wait crazy lengths of time before they hit shelves.

They’re fantasy novels, books about people in a world filled with druids, creatures they’ve been taught to fear. It’s time to find out who really belongs here.


The Coetir

The Cedwig

The Dŵr

The Mynidd… Coming in 2018.


Rani Divine
Associate Editor, etc.