Rainy Days

It’s been rainy lately, in my hometown.

Let me explain something to you though, in case you’re not from the high desert.

It’s sunny here. Nearly every day of the year. That doesn’t change, and we get very used to it. You can’t go outside without sunglasses on, because yes, you can sunburn your eyes. You keep a windshield visor always at the ready, because if you don’t, your legs are going to hate you when you get back in your car. Even when it’s only sixty degrees out, the sun can burn. That’s what I live with, nearly every day of my life.

So when it rains, it’s a big deal.

There have been studies that show people get complacent and bored when there’s only one weather pattern, and that they get more productive when it changes. That’s not true here. Those studies were done in the Pacific Northwest, where it’s cloudy all the time. See, here, we have sun all the time. We’re used to it. And it’s so blindingly bright that you can’t even consider relaxing, some days.

So when it rains, nobody moves.

Nobody knows how to drive in it.

People freak out and run outside, excitedly screaming and throwing their arms up in the air.

No one bothers to carry an umbrella though, because it’ll probably be over in a few minutes, anyway. We can brave it, right?

Well, here in New Mexico, people generally decide that rainy days are days when we should do nothing, days when it’s best to stay home and read a good book.

I work from home.

It’s rainy.

I don’t want to work.

So, here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to write.

Technically, for me, that’s not working. Not anymore. I don’t write to sustain myself. I edit for that, for the most part. Writing is the thing I do for fun. Though, I do love sharing my books with all of you, too.

Writing, my friends, is what we do on the days when we don’t want to do anything else. When nothing comes to mind, when your brain is convinced that you should be doing nothing more than sitting on the couch and watching TV… you should write.

If you don’t know what to write, that’s okay. Just start rambling on the page, perhaps about what you could be writing. That nearly always works for me. In fact, it’s sort of what I’m doing right now. I’m not sure what I should be writing right now, but I’m writing this blog post, and I think it’s turning out really well.


That’s the key to writing:

You don’t always have to be writing in the thing you think you should be writing in.


Working on a novel? That’s not your only writing option.

More of a short story creator? That’s not your only venue.

Poet, are you? Even that, isn’t your sole possibility.


You have options, all of you. So, pursue them. Just make sure that you’re writing, because if you’re not writing, well, then you’re not a writer.

Rani Divine
Associate Editor, Etc.