It All Adds Up

This week, The Wraith and the Wielder hit shelves.

Next week, our first chapbook, The Nine Worlds becomes available as well.

This all leads into a new offer we’ll be making available in our store: add-on items!

Starting on Tuesday, September 19, when you go to an item page to purchase a book, you’ll notice a change in the options alongside that book. We’re no longer offering signed copies (unfortunately, though if we have signed copies of the book in stock, they’ll be at the top of the pile, so if you order soon you’ll get a pre-signed copy at no extra charge), but we are offering add-ons.

Let’s walk you through it.

Say you want to buy a copy of my book, Coetir. You’d go to the page and click the button to buy a copy. Only, on Tuesday, you’ll start seeing options for add-ons—and they’re different, for different books. Some books can be combined with a discounted copy of Mavguard, while others can be combined with a copy of the newly released chapbook, The Nine Worlds.

We’ll be coming out with some new chapbooks in the next couple months, so the add-on items will be changing over time. (and some of those chapbooks will only be available at events or as add-ons)

So, when you go to buy your copy of Coetir, for example, you’ll be asked whether you want to include a copy of Mavguard or a chapbook, for a few extra dollars (but a few dollars less than it would cost to buy the add-on by itself). And, many of those discounts will only be available with specific books (or book combinations, if you happen to catch one of those).

Just one more way RAD works to get more amazing works by talented writers, poets, and artists, into your hands!

Check it out this Tuesday, only at!

Rani Divine
Associate Editor, Etc.