Happy Friday to you!

How does it feel to be less than a hundred days away from Christmas? I know, I’m still pretty shocked about that, myself. It’s unbelievably strange that 2017 is already this far gone. RAD is already getting ready to unveil some really cool Christmas surprises for you, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled as we enter the holiday season!

For now, I’d like to talk a little bit about the relationship between readers and writers.


Readers buy the books, writers write them

Seems obvious, right? Well, that’s part of what makes this a symbiotic relationship. We need each other. Without writers, readers would have nothing to read—and without readers, writers would have no one with whom to share their work. But that’s just the basest form of our relationship, really.

Writers are also readers

Again, this might seem obvious. But how would writers know anything at all about writing, without ever reading? We have to read, or else our very vocation is moot. That being the case, writers are often found curled up in the corner of the library or browsing through the shelves at local bookstores, looking for something great to read. It’s what we do. We read, so we can write.

If writers don’t support readers, then what are they?

Here’s where it gets a little deeper. If writers are always antagonistic toward our readers, how could we ever expect them to read what we write? We couldn’t. I would never read works by authors who hate their readers. I just wouldn’t. I like to read things by authors who are friendly, or by authors who are silent. Writers have to support their readers, have to encourage them to read, or else our relationship is void and writing becomes nothing but a hobby.

If readers don’t support writers, then what are they?

Again, this is where the symbiosis gets more pronounced. Part of that support, of course, includes buying books—and not only buying off the 99 cent shelves. If readers suddenly decide not to read, suddenly decide that they don’t have time for reading or don’t enjoy it anymore, or even that they don’t want to spend more than a dollar on any given book, then what are they? Not readers, surely. But without readers, writers have no reason to write. And without writers, there would be nothing to read.

We need each other.

We have a symbiotic relationship, we readers and writers. And that’s part of why RAD exists to begin with. We’re here because we wanted to find a way to connect readers and writers to each other. That’s why we’re starting things like the RADvault (which will be back up and running in 2018), things like RADratings, podcasts, and even this blog. We’re finding ways to get more of us to you, to get more awesome things by great writers into your hands.

Now, writers and readers, all you have to do is get the books and support the symbiosis of our nature.


Rani Divine
Associate Editor, etc.