Fast Novel 101 (final)

This month, we’ve been talking about how to write a 50K novel in a month, NaNoWriMo style, but in a month other than April or November, because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Today, I have one last thing to tell you, one last piece of advice, one last thing you need to do in order to write your novel.


Just do it.


I know, I sound like a Nike ad or a Shia Lebouf video. I’m neither, I promise. But the concept is still the same.

You have to just do it.

If you want to write a novel in a month, if you want to be one of those people who can say they wrote a whole novel in a single month, then you have to sit down and do it. You can’t just sit by and prepare, you can’t focus on the preparation and do nothing afterward, and you certainly can’t start it and give up partway through.

Don’t say it’s too hard.

I know it’s hard. Nobody ever said it would be easy. What is it that they say? Nothing worth having ever comes easy? Keep that in mind. This won’t be easy. It’ll be hard, it’ll be a challenge, but you know what? It’ll be more than worth it by the time you’ve finished, when you complete your goal.

Do not let your hard work be in vain.

You’ve done all this preparation, you’ve done so many things to make sure you’ll finish this, that you’ll write your whole novel in a month. You haven’t just written your outline and decided willy-nilly that you’re going to write this novel. You took the time to prepare, to decide how many words you want to write in a day, to push yourself to write more than you thought you could in a single sitting. Do not let that be in vain.

I believe in you, but if you don’t believe in you, my belief means squat.

So don’t give up. Don’t let those outside voices get the better of you. Do what you set out to do. Conquer this thing. Write this novel, and let it need all the editing in the world. Know why? Because at the end of it, no matter how horrible or great the story might be, you’ll have written a novel in a month.

There aren’t a whole lot of people who could say that.

I couldn’t even say it. But I know some amazing gals who can.

Rani Divine
Associate Editor, etc.