Brain Break (part four)

New Experiences

By nature, I’m an introvert. Unfortunately, I spend most of my LIFE catering to humans who care little for my personal space or desire for solitude. In the rare moments when I have a spare moment all I want to do is dive under a piece of furniture and curl into as small a ball as my middle aged, well fed flesh will accommodate. Why then would I ever equate a new thing as respite to my overtaxed brain? Because brains are complicated, that’s why.

Remember when you were a kid and you saw your buddy jump off a swing in mid-air and stick the landing? Remember that way-cool fluttery feeling in your stomach when you tried the leap too? Even when you biffed it majorly and ate a face-full of dirt - wow! You probably slept well as a kid, didn’t you? 

You see, the grind of the same old same old, while predictable, can be crushing to your creative soul and wearisome to your brain. How do we as writers birth a new story or even cut a new facet on a familiar surface when we have consigned ourselves to the same pace on the hamster wheel? Eventfully all we will experience is a creaking spin and desperation. So jump off the wheel once in a while.

Maybe trying fugu or scaling Everest isn’t for you, at least yet, and I’m not advocating voting outside your political party, but hey-have you tasted the new nacho fries at Taco Bell? Perhaps there is a “scenic route” home from work you could drive on a Friday. A different creamer in your coffee...start small. You’ll be jumping off that swing and sticking that landing in no time. And the new experiences will invigorate your creativity, which in turn will give you peace and allow you to rest. 

You can see how much I had to say about this one.


TL Boehm
Associate Editor