The Nine Worlds of Writers (part 3)

The Nine Worlds of Writers (and how to make them perfect adjacent)

I’ve been told for six months that “its gonna get busier” at work, a cringe-worthy phrase in the light of my current 45-hour work week and 45-minute one-way commute, coupled with living with a steadily declining dementia sufferer. So when my editor told me she needed my blog series by the 29th of June, I could literally feel my frontal lobe slamming into my skull. I’m already on empty. Staving off an inner toddler tantrum, I denied my anxiety, allowing only the tiniest “In a perfect world I’d have…” moment.  Truth is, there are lots of “worlds” out there, none of which are perfect. It’s all in how we as writers spin them. So over the next nine weeks, I’m going to spin a few of which I am familiar:

Welcome to the nine worlds of writers!

Over the rainbow

Traipsing the rainbow bridge to cavort in mystical realms didn’t work well for Dorothy and it won’t work for the writer in you either. Whatever our gods are, however beautiful they may be, when we spend our time focused on the wealth and the glory at the other side of any destination, we miss the magical ride of life. The more time we spend with our gods in the sky, the more we lose the ability to translate beauty to paper for our reader.

While the creation of fictional worlds is paramount to those who write the genre, perpetual thoughts of grandeur that aren’t somehow grounded in terra firma will never bring you the joy finishing your collection of poems or your trilogy will because, while all writers are at times dreamers, not all dreamers are writers.

So when you are distracted from the day to day tasks of writing and rewriting by an ephemeral rainbow bridge offering transport to the land of heroes and gods and goddesses, remember that while you can create worlds in which heroes and heroines move with ease, you cannot stay there.

Furthermore, the beauty you picture in your mind will never sparkle and shimmer unless you apply sweat and editing. And sometimes, even the most amazing of made up realms, never hits the best seller list. As in life, so in writing. Enjoy the journey—and your reader will enjoy it too.

Focus on the moments along the way. The scent of honeysuckle in a summer sunset, the ringlets around a toddler’s face. The way the cat studies you while you try to type.

Dorothy is right… there’s no place like home. And only you can take us there. Those little moments you spend carefully studying the sparkle, breathing life into the colors and capturing the image on paper will eventually result in a beautiful world for your reader, even if that reader is only one person. Everyone dreams in varying vibrancy but you are uniquely gifted to share your sparkle.

And while I myself with my poetic inclinations almost never use one word when twenty will suffice, have been swatted by more than one expert for “on the nose” writing, if you have a plethora of words, editing is easier. So dream while you sleep, then wake up and write the rainbow.

Tammy Boehm
Associate Editor