The Nine Worlds of Writers (part 4)

The Nine Worlds of Writers (and how to make them perfect adjacent)

I’ve been told for six months that “its gonna get busier” at work, a cringe-worthy phrase in the light of my current 45-hour work week and 45-minute one-way commute, coupled with living with a steadily declining dementia sufferer. So when my editor told me she needed my blog series by the 29th of June, I could literally feel my frontal lobe slamming into my skull. I’m already on empty. Staving off an inner toddler tantrum, I denied my anxiety, allowing only the tiniest “In a perfect world I’d have…” moment.  Truth is, there are lots of “worlds” out there, none of which are perfect. It’s all in how we as writers spin them. So over the next nine weeks, I’m going to spin a few of which I am familiar:

Welcome to the nine worlds of writers!

Home is where the heart of your story is

Midgard, Middle Earth, and yes even Kansas share that common bond of center in the hearts of man. As a writer of fiction, there are times when I consider my center full of a grinding day job, a lousy commute, a resident senior with advancing dementia and all the worries life brings, as something to escape. My daily life makes me weary. Who wants to read my sadness, my failures, my unfinished goals and broken dreams? Who could possibly relate to my humanity besides every human on the planet who has breathed or has yet to breathe?

Perhaps the most important world for the writer is the world in which we live. There is power in transparency. There is peace in truth. There is resonance that will echo through even the most fanciful of characters you create if behind the veneer of fantasy you have placed a part of the you who lives and breathes day to day.

Your readers may be drawn by the glamor, but will only stay with your storyline if it is woven around what is real to all of us. Never discount who you are in the where you are. Your story is your word fingerprint. Your mundane may just be someone else’s magic.

With each experience you (the writer) experiences, you experience growth, emotion, and so many things relevant to the human condition. Just as you would share your home with a friend, sharing your journey in this world with your reader is the thing that feeds the soul. And the takeaway in revealing your heart, in sharing your world as you know it is that your world will become brighter.

We weren’t designed to inhabit this home alone, but when the world becomes harsh and cold, humans become insular. If you are a writer, you already have the draw on your heart to break the barriers, to communicate and share. So start with yourself. Write your story. Make it clear. Write what you know. Edit to protect the innocent, and be careful not to overshare, but do share.

Tammy Boehm
Associate Editor