The Nine Worlds of Writers (part 7)

The Nine Worlds of Writers (and how to make them perfect adjacent)

I’ve been told for six months that “its gonna get busier” at work, a cringe-worthy phrase in the light of my current 45-hour work week and 45-minute one-way commute, coupled with living with a steadily declining dementia sufferer. So when my editor told me she needed my blog series by the 29th of June, I could literally feel my frontal lobe slamming into my skull. I’m already on empty. Staving off an inner toddler tantrum, I denied my anxiety, allowing only the tiniest “In a perfect world I’d have…” moment.  Truth is, there are lots of “worlds” out there, none of which are perfect. It’s all in how we as writers spin them. So over the next nine weeks, I’m going to spin a few of which I am familiar:

Welcome to the nine worlds of writers!

Blinded by the Light

Writers are a peculiar breed, especially the poetic or those prone to perpetual passages of prose. We read the beautiful words of others and are enamored. We linger over sentences and dream of writing grand and lovely things. We wait for unicorns and fairy dust and muses, and just the right atmosphere, and when the universe smiles and all comes together over that cup of oolong—we lose ourselves for hours or days and wax wistful that it cannot be a lifetime.

Unfortunately, muses and fairies (and especially unicorns) are a capricious lot. And while they sprinkle some lovely multicolored dust, we simply can’t stay with them. Creatures who inhabit the land of magic and light have no concept of time and care little for the mortals who gaze at them fondly across the pages.

It's ok to dream, but writing is an action verb.  

Inspiration is fickle. Sit down and write, and keep writing until you come up with something to write about. The law of averages will be in your favor if you write regularly. When you are suddenly inspired by all means ride that winged creature to the end of the earth and back, but know that you are your own muse and light is best when we are lit from within.

Writers write. If you’re telling the world you’re a writer who is waiting for the magical illuminated moment, you’re not a writer. You’re a wannabe. It truly is that simple. Besides, that muse thing only works in movies, and even in movies it doesn’t work very well.

The next time you have time and you’re not reading this blog (which you should be doing weekly because we love you and write things to assist you) google the movie Xanadu. You’ll learn all you need to know about sappy, muse-y meatless drivel. Well, I liked it but I also like unicorns and Tinkerbell. I just keep those likes off my page and out of my books. And although it tweaks my thread a bit more than would be in my comfort zone, I’ll add the realm of sparkly vampires to the mix along with talking dogs.

Fantastical creatures simply can’t feed your writer need. Don’t be distracted by them. They are the literary equivalent of glitter glue in preschool. I’ll leave you with that.

Tammy Boehm
Associate Editor