The Three Steps (1)

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I’m glad you decided to stop by today, because today, we’re starting our short series for February. The rest of the month, we’ll be talking about the three steps it takes to go from idea to published book, starting from the very beginning—and I do mean the very beginning.

Why are we talking about this? Well, because my latest novel, Anialych: People of Sand, is now available for pre-order, and I thought this might be a useful companion topic for all of you. And, like I said, it’s only three steps. Nice and easy, when you boil it down.


Step 1: Write the Book


Probably the most obvious answer I could possibly have given you, yes, but it’s also some of the best advice you’ll ever hear. Why? Because if you don’t even write the book, then the whole discussion is moot in the first place. No point in talking about the rest of the publishing process if you haven’t even written the story that’s locked away inside your head.

They say the vast majority of us have a story, a book, in our heads. That means that the vast majority of you, reading this, have a story in your head.

Have you written it? Have you taken the time to sit down and get it out of your head, onto paper?

Doesn’t matter if that paper is literal or virtual—you need to get it out of your head. It can’t do anyone any good if it’s only an idea, a notion, something you have locked away inside you and that you have no intention of sharing with anyone. It can’t even do you any good, that way.

I know it can be scary, to sit down and let that story out of you, but it’s well worth it. And it’s the first step, when it comes to getting a book published.


So, here’s what I want you to do:


I want you to set aside some time, every day, to write.

I don’t care if it’s a lot of time or a little bit of time, just make sure that you do it. Set aside a certain amount of time, every day, to write. Let your story out of your head, let it be freed, let it experience life the way it wants to—by being words on a page instead of simply ideas in your noggin. 

It will take time. It will not come easily. And that’s okay. It doesn’t really come easily for any of us, though we might claim it does.


Yeah, I can write a 200,000 word book in around six months.

Yeah, that’s pretty fast.

But I never said it was easy.

In fact, it’s difficult. It’s one of the most difficult things I do.

It’s also one of the things I love most, which is why I never stop doing it. I never stop writing. I love writing, I love exploring story and creating new worlds. And I believe you will too, once you set your mind to it.

If you’re already a writer, of course, then you know how addicting it is, to write. You know that amazing feeling of setting your pen to the page and allowing the words to flow through you. You know how wonderful it feels to create, to explore, to be the narrator of a story no one else could tell the same way you do. And you know that the first step, always, is to write the book.

Nothing else can happen, until that book gets written.

Let it be a challenge to you, then. Let writing be the challenge I give you, this month.

Write the book. Write that story that’s locked away inside your head. Get it on the page. Set it free. Allow yourself to explore, perhaps in a way you never have before.  

Do it.

And then come back and check out my posts for the next two weeks, so you’ll what steps to take once you’ve written those glorious words that finish your masterpiece…

“The End.”


Rani Divine
Associate Editor, etc.