The Writers Zodiac (finale)

Let’s finish up.

Libra: With your keen desire for balance you are often the pinnacle of objectivity, able to see and understand differing facets of a situation. You enjoy diplomacy so much you’ll collaborate to the point of letting the other author do all the work because you loathe conflict. While you’d make a great editor because you are usually unbiased and fair, don’t relax into a lack of creativity when it comes to your own work. If you’re concerned about your written words becoming divisive, try flirting a little with your audience. That skill is in your wheelhouse as well.
Suggested Genre(s): non-fiction communication training manuals, plea bargains. Editing.

Scorpio: Let’s face it. You’re scary. If Stoker and King had a literary baby it would be you. You don’t actually write, you puncture the paper, injecting it with venom until it foams at the edges and bleeds out in convulsive horrific glory. You make children and old people cry with your words and you wear terror like a crown. Combine this persistence to the point of gutting anyone who gets in your way and the fact that horror sells, if you don’t lose your mind before you’re published, you may be quite successful. And I don’t just say this because I know a writer who is a Scorpio and I value my life.
Suggested Genre(s): horror, terror, with lots of mauling and pillaging.

Sagittarius: You are nothing if you are not optimistic, except maybe tactless. While you usually have a conversational style that makes you an easy read, and adept at dialogue heavy voluminous works, you’re not big on details. You’re also not good with differing opinions, so topics like politics and religion probably aren’t for you. Unless your target audience is full of like minds. Then by all means, go for it.
Suggested Genre(s): travel blogs, suspense, material for Sarah Silverman.

Capricorn: Ambitious and disciplined, whatever the topic, you’re all in and eyes on the prize. Success is not an option for you. It is an inevitability. Never collaborate though, because you’ll no doubt have to drag the inert body of your lessor-abled partner over the published writer finish line and that will cause you embarrassment. And you hate to be embarrassed. You’ll do it of course because you are unstoppable. And probably offended by this post, but unable to tell me because you really embarrass easy, don’t you?
Suggested Genre(s): anything you want. Just don’t ask me to collaborate with you. I hate being dragged.

Aquarius: Eccentric, eclectic and light years ahead of your time you can create worlds with your imagination and yet be astonished that the rest of us might want to inhabit them because your logic won’t allow you to buy into what you created. Unfortunately, you struggle writing much of anything because you are often incapable of inhabiting a point in time for more than a nanosecond. In your head it’s a novel, no wait a screen play with a soundtrack and a companion board game, but on paper….nothing. If you want to write, give yourself a little more time before you morph into the next persona. It will be worth it.
Suggested Genre(s): Fantasy, myths and legends, astrology posts.

Pisces: If you can dream it, you can write about it, and my fishy friend your head is simply full of beautiful writerly dreams. You have all the feels inside your squishy heart and can reproduce the human condition with truth and empathy but you need to grow some alligator skin and quit letting the humans you so love walk all over your delicate finny tail. Don’t grasp for a series or even a standalone novel because we all know how easily bored you get. Try a bit of flash fiction, or a poem so you get a taste for finishing things you start.
Suggested Genre(s): free verse, vignettes on the human condition, your own personal journals to be found after your untimely demise.

And now the truth: We are all gifted and inept as this thing we do. No matter when you were born, you have your own skill set and your own wonderful way of bringing your story to the page. Never stop being you. This world needs writers who are genuine, human and able to laugh a little at themselves.

As for me? Even though I put no stock in astrology, I’m a Taurus and yes, it is all about that bacon.

Tammy Boehm, Associate Editor