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RAD Writing consists primarily of three amazing women who banded together with one common goal: to create a traditional publishing house that favored good fiction by great authors—even if those authors are new to the publishing game. 

But who are these women? 

Read on, my friends. Read on. 


Kristina Haider – Senior Editor & Owner

Kristina is the organizer of all things RAD and Mavguard, the woman with many hats ranging from CEO to writer and editor, and the brains behind the operation of RAD Writing. She's our beloved senior editor who takes on the brunt of the work both upfront and behind the scenes, overseeing book formatting and design, while always managing book releases. She’s also the nerd who helps Rani and other authors research for many of their novels. 

Tammy Boehm – Associate Editor

As an associate editor, Tammy’s primary function is to do whatever Rani and Kristina ask her to do, which usually consists of editing, proofing, and the occasional synergistic brainstorming session. She's involved in the editing of every novel RAD releases, as well as each edition of Mavguard. She's a poet, a writer, and a pretty awesome gal who pretty much does it all. She doesn’t pour coffee though, which is okay, since Rani and Kristina drink tea. 

Rani Divine – Associate Editor, Social Media & Marketing Adviser

As our secondary associate editor, Rani’s main duties consist of working with Mavguard Magazine: editing short stories, contacting submitters, and organizing the layout of the magazine’s interior.  She also works as RAD Writing's primary social media adviser, podcaster (coming soon!), blogger, and marketing adviser. When you contact RAD, Rani's the one you're most likely to hear back from. Rani was the first author to be published by RAD Writing, after a stint at self-publishing. 


Want to know more? The ladies behind RAD Writing are always available to chat via our social media and contact pages. We'd love to hear from you! 


Need to know more? Head to our Basics page for more information about RAD, as a whole.