Mynidd, by Rani Divine (excerpt)


Tales of the druids did not fall on deaf ears.

We expected them, when the village of Jaiyrun was founded in the hills. For years, we kept alert, waiting for them to appear. They never did, and our people believed the stories no more.

Eighty long years, we lived in peace—until our attempt to expand into a second valley.

The druids came from the shadows, fierce and enraged, built for war.

And war they would have.

Five years, the battle waged.
Five years, my people have barely held them at bay.
Five years is long enough.

My name is Aeronwen, and I will bring an end to this war.

Whatever it takes.

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Additional Info

Series: The Druid Novels

Publisher: RAD Writing (March 2018)

Language: English

Genre: Fantasy

RADrating: Orange -  It’s getting darker out there! Some mature content discussed, suitable for 15+