The Wraith and the Wielder, by AC Schafer (Excerpt)


Centuries ago, a fierce conflict known as the Dark Mountains War led to the prohibition of magic in De’eregal and the surrounding kingdoms of Izzat and Ureyana.

The penalty for transgression is death… but the tides are about to change.

In Izzat, having grown up in the shadow of the gallows, Merrith Gyse is keenly aware of the fate of wielders. He struggles just to put enough food on the table to keep himself and his twin brothers from starvation, but when a man from his past threatens to compromise his brothers’ safety, Merrith is forced to steal an important—and magical—relic from a traveling noble woman in order to buy the man’s silence…

In a village nestled within the Dark Mountains, the wraiths—creatures of shadow and innate magic—labor under the enslavement of a mercenary army led by a powerful sorcerer. Injured and exhausted in a skirmish, Da-jeck takes his only chance to escape. With his family still trapped, he sets out in search of someone to help him overthrow his cruel master…

Powerful sorcerers now fight to change the rule of power throughout the world, to enslave every mind under the banner of magic.

Who will stand in their way, but the wraith and the wielder?

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Series: The Druid Novels

Publisher: RAD Writing (September 2017)

Language: English

Genre: Fantasy

Novel RADrating: Red - Scotty, we need more power! This novel might not be suitable for those with queasy stomachs or issues with intense science-fiction, fantasy, thriller, or scary sequences,  suitable for 15+, at your discretion

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