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Have questions? We have answers! Below you’ll find our frequently asked questions, with their pertinent answers filled in below—both for RAD Writing and for Mavguard Magazine!

RAD Writing

  • Why are you called RAD Writing?

We call ourselves RAD Writing because that's exactly what we publish: writing that we find to be radical. To us, that means writing by new authors, by those who haven't gotten their name out, authors who haven't found anyone to believe in them, and still haven't given up. Bring us your best, your worst, your in-betweens, and we’ll do our best to help you get going.

  • Where do you service?

We service Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and the surrounding Southwestern region of the United States. Novels ordered from us can be shipped anywhere in the United States, but we specialize in reaching our region of the United States.

  • What forms of payment does RAD Writing accept?

Our store accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, through PayPal and Stripe.

For author services however, RAD Writing currently only accepts payments via PayPal (credit card or PayPal account)

  • What do you publish?

Here at RAD Writing, we want to publish good, clean work in every fiction genre, nonfiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Whatever you have, we want to read it. 

  • My book isn't finished. Can I still send a proposal to RAD Writing?

Yes! And we wish that you would. If your book is not yet complete, send us up to five sample chapters along with a proposal for your book (including your vision for the rest of the story, a personal biography, and character biographies). We’ll let you know as soon as one of our editors starts reading your proposal.

  • When is the submission window open?

The submissions window is always open, but we limit how many submissions we read in a month. Send us a message via our contact page to find out if there’s a wait list.

  • What are your editing policies?

We at RAD Writing believe that one single edit is never enough to bring any work to its final draft. Therefore, all packages under fifteen (double spaced) pages include two rounds of editing: the first being initial spelling, grammar, and plot (where applicable) checks, the second being a more thorough check of grammar after initial edits have been done by both the editor and the author. For longer works (over 90,000 words), our editors are more than happy to supply a sample edit of up to ten pages before you decide to sign with us.

If you’re not satisfied for any acceptable reason with the work that has been completed, RAD Writing will gladly reedit the piece for a minimal fee.

  • What are your editing rates?

Editing rates vary by length of piece in question, however, most novel editing services start at $0.019 per word. Contact Us for more information, or fill out the form on our Editing page to request a quote tailored to your needs!

  • Are there discounted fees for English as a second language?

Yes! We offer a 15% discount on all editing fees for those speaking English as a second language, and we will do our best to help you learn the rules of this language along the way.

  • What is the turnaround time for editing?

Turnaround time varies by type and length of document. Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact turnaround time. Please contact us for an official estimate.

  • I'm an artist. Can I submit my portfolio to be considered as an affiliated artist/illustrator?

Of course! If you’re an artist or author and you’ve been published in Mavguard Magazine at least two times, simply contact us. We’ll request a digital copy of your portfolio and a short biography. If we like what we see, we’ll contact you before putting you up on our website.

  • Why does RAD have its own rating system?

We realized that the general rating system for books is skewed, and we aren't okay with that. While all the books you'll find in the RAD Store are clean fiction, we wanted to give our readers a way to know what books they'd like, based on a rating system. 

  • How much do author services cost?

Most author services start at $30/hr, however, some services are flat rate. Unfortunately, we're unable to give you more information without knowing your specific needs. Please fill out the form on the Author Services page, and we'll be happy to answer your questions. 

  • When does RAD post new blog material?

The RAD blog has new material every Friday, between 1:00-2:00pm MST. 

  • How often does RAD post podcasts?

Our first season will be airing episodes every Wednesday afternoon, in July, 2019!

  • Can I download the RADcast?

Unfortunately, no. We know, we’re sad about it, too. But we’re hoping that within a few seasons, we’ll be able to offer downloadable versions of our podcasts for your listening pleasure. For now, you can find every released episode of the RADcast here on our website, or on Rani Divine’s YouTube channel. Why Rani’s channel? Well, because she’s the one doing the recordings, of course! 


Mavguard Magazine

  • What does Mavguard mean?

Mavguard is a combination of Maverick and Vanguard: two words that define the intentions and policy of Mavguard Magazine. We work with artists who want to go against the grain, and we ourselves go against the “normal” order of things by proudly working with unestablished artists and authors

  • What does Mavguard Magazine Publish?

All forms of fiction, poetry, and print media (photographs, statues, graphic design, heavily edited/digitally manipulated photography, etc.) are accepted as submissions.

  • Where does Mavguard service?

Mavguard Magazine accepts submissions (in English) from around the globe, and makes eReader and print editions available at RAD Writing's online store. Currently, print runs of the magazine are only available inside the United States.

  • What are Feature Slots?

Feature slots are more slots more prominently displayed within Mavguard Magazine, and are only given to up to five artists or authors in each edition of the magazine. All submissions are eligible (except those submitted by Mavguard’s editors and/or volunteers), but no author or artist may be chosen for a Feature Slot in two consecutive editions.

  • How do I receive payment if my piece is published in the magazine?

Currently, RAD Writing only makes payments available via PayPal.

  • When is the submission window open?

The submission window for Mavguard Magazine is open from July 1-November 30, every year.

  • What forms of art are acceptable for Mavguard Magazine?

Mavguard Magazine accepts any form of visual, printable art. Photography, statues, edited photos, graphic design, sketches, paintings, etc.

If you have a specific piece of art you’re unsure about, Contact Us.

  • My story/poem/screenplay isn't finished. Can I still submit it to Mavguard Magazine?

No. Mavguard cannot accept works that have not been completed. If you need help in editing or are struggling to decide how to complete your work, check out RAD Writing’s Editing Page. We specialize in editing, and love to help new authors with their work.

If you have a question that is not listed above, please Contact Us.