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Do you write clean fiction or nonfiction? Are you looking for new venues to get your book out there, without having to go through hoops? Tired of stores taking all your sales money?

You’ve come to the right place.

RAD Writing specializes in good, clean fiction—and we’re always looking for more to stock on our shelves. When we first started, only about half our product was published by RAD. Our goal was to be a help to authors, to be a place where authors and readers could connect, but the only way we can start to do that is by stocking your book in our store.


Why RAD Writing, you ask?

Having your book on multiple platforms means your readers will have more opportunity to find your books. Not everyone shops at Amazon, and not every book is easy to find at Barnes & Noble.

RAD charges a low monthly rate to stock your book on our shelves, plus the cost of shipping for every copy of your book sold (or a portion of shipping when multiple author's books are sold together). That means you’ll keep the vast majority of your sales money. And we’ll send payment directly to you at the end of every month in which your book has sold, along with a detailed report to show you how your books are doing.

Our editors are here to help you! If you need help with marketing, social media, or anything along the way, we’re more than happy to assist. With regular support from our editors and backing from our awesome authors, your books will shine.

Plus, every week, RAD boosts two products on our social media pages. If you’re in the RAD Store, your book will be promoted constantly to get you the best exposure possible.


Ready to be RAD?


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