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Mavguard Magazine is the brainchild of Tammy Boehm and Kristina Haider, the minds behind RAD Writing. It started as a bi-annual literary and arts magazine, catering especially to young blood, to authors and artists who hadn’t yet been published. It started as part of an idea in a coffee shop, an idea to start a publishing company and start something we’d never dreamed of before. It all started with RAD Writing, with Mavguard right on its heels.


And now?

We’re still the same at heart, though we’ve made a few changes.

Mavguard now releases a single edition every year, on the third Tuesday in June. Why the third Tuesday in June? Well, magazines make great summer reading, don’t they?!

Our yearly editions give us the opportunity to release even more amazing work within our pages, and highlight the amazing world of creativity in ways we’d never imagined before.


Here’re a few things you might want to know about Mavguard:

·         We’re made up of authors and artists—Mavguardians are creatives, people who’ve been published, and people who are looking to get published.

·         Our staff is almost entirely made up of volunteers. Rani Divine is the one exception: she’s our senior editor, and also one of the associate editors at our parent company, RAD Writing.

·         In each edition, any submitter has up to fifteen chances for publication: we allow everyone to submit up to five pieces in each category (that means you could submit up to five art submissions, up to five poems, and up to five short stories per edition!).

·         Our volunteers choose up to five authors or artists to highlight in each edition. These contributors will be given opportunity to include a short biography and headshot, and will be entered to win a prize on release day.

·         We pay authors and artists who’ve previously been published—not because we think you’re better, but because we know you probably had opportunities for publication elsewhere.

·         We’re so creative that we can’t make ourselves stick to a single design for our covers—so every cover is uniquely designed by that edition’s volunteers.

·         Just like RAD Writing, we really like newbies, but we love established creatives, too.

·         Also like RAD Writing, we do whatever we can to help you get published. If we’re not a good fit for you, our volunteers are more than happy to help find another place you could submit your work.

Still have questions? Check out RAD’s FAQs page, or Contact Us!

Ready to submit your work? Head to our #GetPublished page for more information!

Want to check out our prior editions? Discover more about the artists on our Editions page, and check out the print and digital copies available in RAD Writing’s Mavguard Store!