Mavguard Magazine Edition II

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Mavguard Edition II was released on October 13, 2015, and features art, poetry and short stories from Destiny Anderson, Abraham Assed, Tammy Boehm, Jessica Burton, Sam Dickens, Rani Divine, Jacob Erin-Cilberto, Fabian Franklin, Avi Gilt, Julie Haider, Charity Jeffries, Kaysie, Deanna Leah, Claire Moore, M.J. Neal, Aimee C. Schafer, Star Starling, C.D. Yensen & S.A. Yensen.

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Claire Moore

Featured Art: “Inspiration Stems”

Claire Moore is an aspiring artist whose inspiration comes greatly from the narrative work of illustrators such as Arthur Rackham, whose line work and expressive characters have greatly impacted her creativity since childhood. She enjoys finding inspiration from people and activities in her day to day; taking the ordinary or mundane moments in her life to create a world of whimsy. Claire studied fine arts at the University of New Mexico with a focus in printmaking and painting with a hint of mad love for ceramics. While doing occasional commission work, Claire hopes to become an illustrator, to travel the world, and to collect stories from people she meets along the way.


Fabian Franklin

Featured Poem: “A Deeper Shade of Blue”

Fabian Franklin is a 54-year-old North Carolina poet and musician who began writing poetry and songs at the age of sixteen. Born in Catawba county and raised in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, he draws inspiration from personal experiences echoing flavors and textures of country living. Much of his oeuvre reflects themes of nature and transcendental philosophy. He gained his love of writing from reading the works of Thomas Wolfe, Thoreau, and Emerson. Franklin has given readings at several libraries; among them, Watauga County Library near the campus of Appalachian State University. When he is not writing he enjoys fishing, hiking, and carving walking sticks. He is the father of two daughters, a 30-year-old residing in Austin, Texas, and a seven-month-old.