Mavguard Magazine Edition IV

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Mavguard Edition IV was released on the eighteenth of October in 2016, and featured works by Destiny Anderson, Abraham Assed, Tammy Boehm, Victoria Carreon, Jay Cutts, Sam Dickens, Rani Divine, Sean "MunkyWrench" Eddingfield, Ashley Gallegos, Kaysie, Anya King, MJ Neal, Aimee Schafer, & Casey Randall Williams.

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Jay Cutts

Featured Short Story: “Soft Clouds Over the Sea”

Jay Cutts is the author of numerous short stories and other purportedly humorous material. His first novel Death by Haggis was a quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest and earned a recommendation and five stars in all categories in the 23rd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards. His second novel is Annie Gomez and the Gigantic Foot of Doom.

Jay is inspired by Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. He aims at capturing the silliness and the pathos of the human condition with whimsy of the fairies and the imagination of the distant galaxies. He has been known to play haunting folk melodies on the accordion in the streets of Eastern Europe, if he's not being chased away. He has reflections, riddles, excerpts, and free stuff on his website,



Featured Art: “Life Along the Rio”

Kaysie is a bookkeeper extraordinaire who has lived in New Mexico for twenty-three years. She enjoys taking pictures while on walks with her family through God’s stunning creation. The photo “Life Along the Rio” was taken on a beautifully peaceful morning in May, 2016 at the Montano Open Space in Albuquerque, New Mexico—one of Kaysie’s favorite places to spend an afternoon. Kaysie and her husband are also avid bird-watchers, but she’s found that taking pictures of birds is rather challenging since the cute ones do not appear to want their picture taken. She has recently taken up drawing, something she has wanted to do for too many years to mention (and one of her drawings is now in Mavguard, too!).


Sean “Munkywrench” Eddingfield

Featured Art: “Underwater Love”

Sean "MunkyWrench" Eddingfield is a self-taught artist from Sapulpa Oklahoma. He specializes in comic book, pinup, and dark art. His art is hand drawn, scanned, and brought to life with Photoshop. Sean has a twisted imagination and dark sense of humor. Both of which are mirrored in his art and illustration style. His work is heavily influenced by many legends and southern folktales, comics, and mythologies he was raised on during his childhood. At the young age of 10 he discovered HP Lovecraft and he has been drawing ever since.