Mavguard Magazine Edition V

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Mavguard’s fifth edition was released on April 18, 2017, featuring “Campus Tour” (photography) by Abraham Sammy Assed, “Desert Child” (poetry) by Victoria Carreon, and a “Now the Carnival is Gone” (short story) by Will Neill. Also included are works by BCJ, Tammy Boehm, Jay Cutts, Mike Denny, Rani Divine, Ashley Gallegos, Kaysie, & MJ Neal.

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Victoria Carreon

Featured Poem: “Desert Child”

Victoria Marie Carreon was born and raised in Grants, New Mexico, and began writing poetry in the 2nd grade. She's currently finishing her degree in Journalism through the Harvard Extension School, after interrupting her studies in Upstate New York to return home and care for her mother, Roni, who is battling Stage IV cancer. An avid runner, she is currently training for her first trail race, relishing in the unique creativity New Mexico inspires as she moves through its landscape. When it comes to writing, she draws from a wealth of personal experiences, including witnessing her mother's bravery and her Mexican father's tenacity on the American dream, as well as the wilderness and the beauty of the natural world.


Will Neill

Featured Short Story: “Now the Carnival is Gone”

Will Neill is an award winning Irish author, poet, and armature musician, Born in Belfast in the late fifties. Will has established himself as a prolific writer all over the world for both his prose and poetry. He admits to being an avid reader and doesn’t like to restrict his writing to a singular genre, preferring to write about ‘what makes a good story.’

He also confesses to being a people watcher and a stickler for accuracy when it comes to historical events and places, he states ‘One can never take the reader for granted.’ Will has seen his work published in the ‘Circus of Indie Artists,’ Author Ether Books, Author StoryStar, and Writers Café. Gold Award for ‘Tender is the Night’ in the NY Literary Mag.

His story ‘The Jesus Syndrome’ is currently being made into a short film.

Details of his work can be found at:

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Abraham Sammy Assed

Featured Art: “Campus Tour”

Since discovering his talent for writing and photography in high school, Abraham Sammy Assed has dedicated much of his free time to both hobbies. From the dark room to Photoshop, Abraham developed a knack for detail and color. When taking photographs, he likes to focus on the New Mexico Landscape, Albuquerque suburbia, and architecture. Abraham also likes to share his pictures with friends, family, and strangers through social media. His photographs have garnered him over one thousand followers on Instagram.

He graduated with a BA in English in 2013 and is currently a substitute teacher at Albuquerque Public Schools and pursuing a career in education. Abraham’s work was published for the first time in Mavguard Magazine in 2015.