Mavguard Magazine Edition VIII

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Mavguard Magazine Edition VIII released on October 16, 2018, and features “Nature’s Gift” photography series by Arthur D. Henn and “Concrete Sculpture” by Mario Loprete.

Also included are short stories, poetry and art by the following:
Destiny Anderson, Abraham Sammy Assed, Chela, Terry Bird, Tammy Boehm, Rani Divine, Julie Haider, Kaysie, Holly Knox, Madira T. Revelle, and Amye Morgan.

Scroll down for bios from our features artists, and be sure to stop by the Mavguard Store to purchase your copy of Edition VIII—available in print and digital!


Arthur D. Henn

Featured Art Series: “Nature’s Gift”

Of all things in life, being out and with the camera is Arthur Henn’s favorite. He revels in getting up-close and personal with those tiny fleeting moments that the untrained eye usually lets pass by without much notice. Art will tell you that those moments are the pot of gold under the rainbow. His interests gravitate most of his work towards close-proximity nature shots and candid street photos, but he loves to dabble in all forms of the art including architectural, landscape, and nighttime long exposure photography. If you happen to catch Art in action, roaming the streets and botanical gardens of sunny Southern California, don’t be afraid to stop and say “Hello!”


Mario Loprete

Featured Art: “Concrete Sculpture”

At a certain point in his artistic career, despite having had some acknowledgments for his work, Mario believed his work needed a change. After travelling all over the world, he discovered one thing that united Cataranzo, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, and even Vancouver: reinforced concrete. It was the one thing that had been missing! Why not use it to support his art? Concrete is a symbol of both ancient times, having been created by the Romans, and the industrial age, where it is used as a base for graffiti artists to explore their creativity. Similarly, Mario uses concrete to support his paintings, favoring his desires to bring the city, the urban style, the modernity in the houses, galleries, and museums into one.