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Welcome to Mavguard Online!


We’re a literary and art magazine designed specifically to promote creativity. We make no discrimination between unpublished or established authors and artists, all so we can do what we love best: getting creative works out into the world.

And this year, we’ve relocated our website, just for you.  

We’d been reaching out to our regulars, the authors and artists who’ve been with us since the beginning, and they all agreed: it’s time to slow down, in order to speed up.

Over the years, we’ve worked our butts off to produce two amazing editions every year—but now, it’s all about to change. Starting with Edition IX, set to release in June 2019, Mavguard Magazine will only release one edition every year.


What does this mean for you?

It means that in our new, yearly editions, you can expect to see even more short stories, poems, and artwork from amazing indie and established authors and artists, filling our pages. It means we’ll be reaching even more readers with every edition, and that things are only going to speed up from here.


That’s where the new location comes in.

In our corner of the RAD Writing website, you’ll find our submissions information, details about upcoming editions, and find ways to connect with our featured authors and artists. Because we’re now located within RAD Writing’s website, you can now find our frequently asked questions, purchase links, and terms and conditions under the RAD Writing banner. Here, you’ll also find ways to keep in touch with us, to connect with Mavguard online, and even subscribe to the RAD Writing newsletter, so you’ll never miss a beat.


Mavguard Magazine is RAD Writing’s vision of the future, a future where anything in creativity is possible.

Let’s #GetPublished, shall we?