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Ever find yourself walking through a bookstore, looking at the titles on the shelves, unsure whether or not these books are the sort you’re looking for? Find yourself spending money on books, only to be turned off by the content?

That’s why we created the RADrating system, so you’ll never doubt what’s in the book you buy.

Each color has its own meaning, on a scale we created for our books and everything in our store.  Our editors personally rate every title, even Mavguard! So you’ll know what books and magazines fit your reading style.

Remember, all RAD Writings are clean reads, so you don't have to worry about pornographic, obscene, or vulgar material popping up in anything you'll find at the RADstore! RADratings are simply designed to help you find your desired level of intensity, be you a sci-fi fan or a lady in search of romance. 


The Rainbow of RAD

Green – Go-go-gadget! Suitable for all audiences
White – It’s a new dawn! Inspired writing that nurtures the soul, suitable for all audiences, recommended 13+
Blue – Cool it down, son! Easy reading, suitable for all audiences, recommended 13+
Yellow – Whoa, Nellie! Some intense material or thrilling sequences, suitable for 13+, at your discretion
Pink – Let’s go, girls! Romantic material, some sensuality, recommended 15+
Orange – It’s getting darker out there! Some mature content discussed, suitable for 15+, at your discretion
Red – Scotty, we need more power! This novel might not be suitable for those with queasy stomachs or issues with intense science-fiction, fantasy, thriller, or scary sequences,  suitable for 15+, at your discretion
Black – Night has fallen! Intense materials abound, suitable for audiences with strong stomachs and inclinations toward thriller, horror, and the great unknown. Mature content may be discussed. Recommended 15+, at your discretion


Check out the RADstore, with the Rainbow of RAD to point you toward the books you’ll love.

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