S1E5: Readings

For the finale of the RADcast's inaugural season, I thought we should delve a little deeper into the works of RAD. Have a listen, and check out some excerpts from AC Schafer's "The Wraith and the Wielder," Rani Divine's "Mynidd: People of the Hills," and TL Boehm's "The Nine Worlds!"

Any suggestions for topics we should discuss in the future, or things we could be doing better? Let us know in the comments!

S1E2: All About Mavguard

Rani Divine is back, in the RADcast—this time to tell you all about our beloved literary and art magazine, Mavguard. In this episode, we’ll discuss everything from what Mavguard is to the new changes that have come to the magazine in 2019.

S1E1: What is RAD Writing?

It’s the inaugural episode of the RADcast! Here, I’ll tell you a little bit about who RAD Writing is, as a company, and where we got our start. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube to stay up to date on the latest RADcast episodes, book trailers, and more from RAD Writing!