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Anialych, by Rani Divine (eBook)


My family was among the first to leave the plains, to walk away from the horrors of humanity’s only home. With our parents gone, staying would’ve meant my brothers slowly losing their place in society, falling into the shadows.

We left with hope for a new and better life—but even our desert oasis isn’t without its dangers.

An army of the plains is coming for us. We always knew it would.

But something else exists out here, in the sand. Beings unlike any other. Now I must bring our peoples together before it’s too late—if only I can find the voice to do so.

For I am Delilah: the chosen one.

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Additional Info

Series: The Druid Novels

Publisher: RAD Writing (March 2019)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0-9994275-6-3

ISBN-13: 978-0-9994275-6-9

Genre: Fantasy

RADrating: Yellow - Whoa, Nellie! Some intense material or thrilling sequences, suitable for 13+, at your discretion

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