Last Update: 06/21/2017


Turnaround Time

  • Turnaround times are only an estimate.

  • No discounts will be given if editing process takes longer than estimated. Remember, it's only an estimate.

Standard Contracting

  • For pieces under 90,000 words, all editing payments must be made upfront.

  • For pieces 90,000 words and over, half payment must be made upfront, and the second half must be paid upon completion of editing.

  • For larger works (90,000+ words), we’re happy to do a sample edit: we’ll need your credit card information upfront.

  • If author wishes to terminate contract, RAD Writing reserves the right to keep any and all payments made to that point.

  • If RAD Writing chooses to terminate contract, up to half of author payments will be returned within thirty (30) days.

  • Refund amounts will be determined based upon the amount of work completed, at the discretion of our editors.

  • Negotiable contracts available, upon request only.

Payments and Discounts

  • Payments are accepted only through PayPal, credit card, or check.

  • If paying with a check, all payment will be due upfront and will not begin until check has cleared.

  • For works 90,000 words and over: after initial editing process, RAD Writing offers an additional copyediting service with a 75% discount.

  • Editing discounts do not overlap.


  • Refer-a-Friend discount only available after a single contract has been fulfilled.

  • Refer three friends to RAD Writing for editing: after their contracts have been signed, your next editing project will receive a 30% discount.

Erroneous editing (acceptable reasons for reedit, plus reedit pricing)

  • All cases of erroneous edits will be put under review for up to thirty (30) days before a reedit is issued.

  • In the case of erroneous edits, it is the responsibility of the author to report the issue to their representative within thirty (30) days of contract completion.

  • If author is able to prove 40+ grammatical errors in every 20 pages of copyedited text (novels) or 8+ grammatical errors per 10 pages of copyedited text (short stories), a reedit will be available for ¼ the initial contract fee.

  • Erroneous edits that are determined to be the fault of the author will result in the termination of contract with no refund of prior payments.

Editing Terms are subject to change without notice.

Last Update: 5/21/2017



  • All submissions must include a completed form, either filled out online or in PDF format, and must be emailed to

  • Submissions not chosen for publication will be promptly deleted.

  • A representative from RAD Writing will contact author upon initial viewing of submission, and be responsible for making the author aware of the status of reading, etc.

  • RAD Writing does not discriminate between color, gender, sexual orientation, style, etc. If author/artist piece is not accepted for publication, RAD Writing offers a 300-500 word explanation, including tips for improving the work.

  • Author will be sent a confirmation email upon receipt of submission (may take up to 48 hours).


  • To be eligible to submit to RAD Writing, author/artist must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, or obtain signed consent from parent or legal guardian.

  • Pieces submitted must be the legal property of the submitter.

  • No “work for hire” pieces may be submitted.

  • If work is not “camera-ready” when contract is signed, discounted editing fees may be automatically deducted from RAD Writing’s payment to author.

Contract Termination

  • RAD Writing reserves the right to terminate any contract, for any reason, at any time.

  • Contracts may not be terminated by the author during the first year in which any given novel is in print.

  • In the case of contract termination, all advance royalty payments previously paid to the author are to be returned to RAD Writing within seven (7) days of termination. Payments shall be made in full, via PayPal.

  • If editing has commenced by the time contract is terminated, RAD Writing will determine an acceptable editing fee, less up to 50% at the discretion of the editor. Payment will be due within seven (7) days of agreed termination, or upon agreed schedule, in writing.

  • If author terminates contract, RAD Writing requires an additional two hundred (200) US dollar termination fee, to cover any previously accrued costs aside from editing.

  • If novel has been published when the contract is terminated, RAD Writing may, at its discretion, request an additional five hundred (500) US dollar fee for proofreading, cover design, ISBN management, copyright filing, and other publication expenses not herein expressed.

  • RAD Writing reserves the right to withhold all unpaid royalty payments to the author should author terminate publishing contract.

  • After contract termination, author may choose to purchase, at cost, all remaining copies of the novel in question. Any copies not purchased by the author will then be fully owned by RAD Writing, and no royalties will be paid to the author on these copies.

In the case of contracting proposals:

  • Authors contracted from proposals will be given a limited amount of time to complete the work.

  • Payment to authors contracted from proposals will not be made until the full novel (complete and edited) has been submitted for review.

  • If work is not finished within contract time, RAD Writing reserves the right to terminate the contract and withhold all payment.

  • RAD Writing reserves the right to terminate contract after receipt of complete novel manuscript, for any reason, reverting all rights back to the author.


  • Payments to authors will be made available via PayPal only.

  • Payments to RAD Writing for publishing purposes are accepted through PayPal or credit card only.

  • Payments from RAD Writing are made available only through PayPal.

  • Payment times will vary from contract to contract and are subject to change.

  • Payment amounts will vary from contract to contract and are subject to change.

Contact our editors for more information. 

Publishing Terms are subject to change without notice