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Here at RAD Writing, we pride ourselves on publishing good, clean books—and we hold no specifications based upon genre. We accept submissions in fiction, nonfiction, and even poetry. Simply fill out the submissions form (below), email us a copy of your work, and we’ll contact you as soon as our editors begin their review. We also accept proposals for longer works that have not yet been completed.  

Our specialty is working with young authors, but we don’t mean your age. We want to work with authors who haven’t been published before, those who may have had difficulties getting their work in the spotlight, to give you the experience of being traditionally published.  

Oh yeah, and we want to work with you, not turn your work into something it wasn't, so you'll keep 49% creative control on everything to do with your work, from content to cover design. Booyah. 

If you have any questions about the submission or publication process, or would like a free consultation with an editor, check out our FAQs or Contact Us.

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Ready to send in your submission? Great! Please read through the information below and check out our terms and conditions before you send in your manuscript or proposal. 

Requirements for Submissions:

  • Manuscript must be properly formatted (12 pt. font, double spaced, include title page and page numbers, and include author name and piece title in running header)

  • Manuscript must be emailed to, after filling out the form below (if manuscript is not accepted for publication, files will be promptly deleted)

  • If you are under the age of 18, your manuscript must include a signed consent form from your parent or guardian (contact us for a copy of the form)

Please keep in mind while submitting your manuscript:

  • Young doesn't mean your age: RAD Writing caters almost exclusively to new or previously self-published authors

  • Keep it clean, folks: we do not publish explicit material (if work selected for publication includes explicit material, all such materials will be removed prior to publication)

  • Where the tumbleweeds blow: RAD Writing specializes in marketing to the Southwestern United States, but are currently expanding from coast to coast


More questions? Check out our FAQs or Contact Us.



Submissions Form:

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